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CampFire™ Butane Stove

CampFire™ Butane Stove

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Our range of butane stoves was designed to be useful for those in the foodservice industry while still catering to everyone else. These butane stoves are great, easy to use, restaurant-quality portable butane stoves. These stoves can be used at concession stands, in a restaurant kitchen, or just outside the tent at a favorite camping ground!

Cartridge Ejector-Automatically eject the gas cartridge when detecting irregular pressure.
Lock Lever-Built-in lever won't lock unless the fuel canister is in the right position.
Auto Shutoff-Install in the device to cut off irregular gas flow to prevent explosion.
Windscreen-Protect the blue flame and keep your food cooking at a steady temperature.
Adjustable Knob-Turn the dial to control the heat from a simmer to full boil.
Keep in Place-Long-texture grates provide stability to cooking pots.

  • 【Fuel Propane】Compatible With Both Butane (Fuel Not Included) , Operates On A Single Butane Cartridge 16.4 Oz , Propane Converter Regulator Included.
  • 【PORTABLE】Lightweight and compact; included carry case makes it easy to bring to the campsite, picnic, roadside, and more. WIND PROTECTION: Wind baffle helps shield flame from wind.
  • 【CAMPING AND BACKPACKING ESSENTIALS】Portable Butane Camping Stove is essential for any camping or backpacking trip. This butane stove has a hard-shell carrying case which means that this unit is extra portable! The stove is small enough to easily fit in a hiking backpack or in a camping bag.
  • 【Safe to Use】The gas stove features cartridge ejection, safety lock, and auto shut-off for secure operations when cooking or boiling. These safety features ensure secure operation and prevent accidents.
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