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CampEase™ Portable Table

CampEase™ Portable Table

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  • 【Lightweight & Portable】: Made of aluminum alloy material, this camping table is lightweight but strong. It can be folded into a small piece carry-on bag to help you save a lot of space. The unfolded size of the portable picnic table is 16x13.6x11.4 inches, and the packaging size is 17x4.7 inches. You can easily carry it anywhere with a handbag. Maximum load capacity: 55 pounds.
  • 【Easy Setup】: Unfold the frame, press 2 guide rails into the groove, and then insert the panel into the buckling groove to fix it, and you are done. It is equally easy to disassemble it. First, remove the desktop, then fold the desktop and the frame separately, and put them in the carrying case.
  • 【Rugged Aluminum Structure】: The folding camping table support is made of reinforced aluminum and its X-shaped cross-fixed design makes the camp table stable. With anti-skid rubber feet, it has better stability, high material durability, and uniform bearing capacity. It can be opened to a comfortable height and can hold a considerable amount of food.
  • 【Anti-scratches & Clean Up】: The portable beach table is waterproof to prevent scratches. There are six long white stickers on the tabletop to prevent scratches during transportation. Please tear off the stickers before using them for the first time. Unlike folding beach tables with wooden or nylon tops, the folding picnic table is easy to clean, just wipe them with a damp towel or soap and water.
  • 【Multipurpose】: The folding camp table is perfect for both indoor activities and outdoor picnics, camping, hiking, travel, fishing, to the beach, or even around the house as the perfect portable picnic table. Use it to augment your kitchen setup during a big holiday get-together. Use it to display items during a yard or put it to work as a craft table.

Product Description

Easy to Carry

It fits easily into your backpack, bike, kayak, car, the back of a motorcycle. Perfect as an outdoor side table or a coffee table.

Aktudy Folding Camping Table

The product is made of high-performance aluminum alloy material (high-performance material widely used in the field of aerospace technology, lightweight, high hardness, good toughness, and corrosion resistance)

Outdoor camping, hiking, boarding, small picnics, and other outings can be used when the folding camping table.

High-quality Aluminum Alloy

Strong and durable, corrosion-resistant, lightweight easy clean. There are six long white stickers on the desktop to prevent scratches from rubbing in transit, so please tear off the stickers before first use.

Sturdy Construction

The aluminum alloy frame is sturdy and durable, with a strong bearing capacity and good stability.

Non-slip Plastic Cover

There is a non-slip plastic cover on the tripod, which has better stability, high material durability, uniform bearing capacity.

Easy to Carry

Our package includes a black bag. The aluminum camp table and stand can be folded, convenient to carry and travel.





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